Yoshio Sakamoto

Yoshio Sakamoto is a Japanese game designer at Nintendo. He is best known for his role in creating the Metroid series.

Biography and Career Edit

Yoshio Sakamoto, born in 1959, grew up loving toys, including those made by Nintendo. In 1982, after leaving art college, he was hired by the company to create pixel artwork for Game & Watch titles. Sakamoto then moved on the the role of designer for Famicom games. These games included 1984's Balloon Fight and 1985's Wrecking Crew.

However, Sakamoto would not become one of Nintendo's most renowned personal until 1986, when he directed and designed the original Metroid as well as designing the more niche Kid Icarus. Metroid was soon viewed as one of Nintendo's more important franchises, and the game would ultimately sell over 2.7 million copies worldwide. Sakamoto would have a role in most Metroid games created in the series's history, including four Director positions.

Since the creation of Metroid, Yoshio Sakamoto has performed a number of roles at Nintendo. These have included work on the Wario franchise, including creating the WarioWare series, as well as helping to create the Rhythm Heaven series.

Sakamoto currently works at the Nintendo Software Planning & Development‏‎ division.

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