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Waluigi is a fan-made character and internet meme. Supposedly a member of the Mario universe, he is one of the most notable gaming memes within the gaming community.

Origins Edit

The exact origins of Waluigi are unknown. The earliest records that can be found of him date back to 2001, where he is mentioned on the forum of Newgrounds as an already known fan-made character. As one forum user explained, "Nintendo [already has] evil versions of Link and Mario, and then you have Bass from Mega Man and Liquid from MGS, so why not one for Luigi?"

Waluigi is a Gent

By this point, many of Waluigi's characteristics had already been determined. Early artwork portrayed him as an absurdly tall and lean purple-wearing counterpart of Luigi, Mario's brother. When asked why his name was simply "Luigi" with the prefix "Wa," one forum user drew a comparison to Wario.

Spread Edit

Waluigi would not skyrocket in popularity until the summer of 2002, shortly after the release of Sonic Adventure 2. One of the main characters of said game was "Shadow the Hedgehog," an evil counterpart of Sonic. Although the game was well received, Shadow as a character was viewed by many with derision. Waluigi rose to fame as an example of another character that was introduced for the purpose of having a "dark" counterpart to a hero.

Since then, Waluigi has had an entire mythos created surrounding him. Commonly agreed upon points include him being Luigi's nemesis, a symbol of corruption, a chronic cheater, and the main antagonist of the fictional game Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix, which would supposedly be a mash-up of the Mario series with Konami's Dance Dance Revolution series.

Description Edit

In the same matter as Wario is an exaggerated Mario, Waluigi is an exaggerated Luigi. He is extremely tall and gaunt compared to other characters, and wears purple to complement Wario's yellow. His trademark symbol is the vertically flipped letter "L," which resembles the "Gamma" sign from the Greek alphabet. Like Wario, Waluigi also has a spiky mustache and a large nose.

Reception Edit

Since his popularization over a decade ago, Waluigi has become probably the most beloved fan-made video game character of all time. He is, ironically or not, seen as filling a gaping hole in the Nintendo mythos. Many fans have demanded that Waluigi be included in actual Nintendo titles, particularly the Mario Party, Mario Kart, and Super Smash Bros. series.

When asked to comment on Waluigi in a 2008 interview, Shigeru Miyamoto appeared to be unaware of his existence, commenting how he thought an evil counterpart to Luigi was a "very interesting idea" and laughing at a description of the character. Other Nintendo representatives, meanwhile, have stressed that the existence of Waluigi is no canon, and have warned that his inclusion in a future Mario game is "very unlikely."

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