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Valkyrie StudiosEdit

Valkyrie Studios is an American video company. As of 2007, Valkyrie Studios is a subsidiary of EA Games. They are best known for The Kingdom of Heaven series and the Seraphim series.


Valkyrie Studios was found In 1997 by former employees of Viacom New Media' Interactive Division.  Their first project was a conesal style   RPG released for PCs called Speterra Core, the legay of the creator. It was not as successful as Anacronox, but it was still considered to a solid game. Valikrye's Seconds was  a fanasty/angel theme first person shooter called  Seraphim. Electronic Arts, was imperisped by the innovated concept of the game and decided to publish it.  Seraphim. was in January 2. It was a big success and marked the begining of a close relation between Valkryie Studios and EA. Due to the success of Seraphim, Valkirye studios decide to expand for  form a stister time in Philadelphia. The Philiadehilia team's first project was Seraphim 2 which was released in April 2006.  The orginal teama which is based in Chicago, third project was a sequel to Speterra core called Kingdom of Heavens Pyramids of Power. Because, Monolith productions, the publisher of Septerra Core decided to stop publishing games, they sold the rights to publish Spettera Core related games to EA.  Pyramids of Power was a big hit.It was relased in June 2005. In  2007 EA bought out Valkyrie Studios. Valykire  first game   after becoming an EA subsidiary was the 2008 western style RPG Mystic Force. A third Valkyrie studio team was found in Houston  during 2008. The first game that Valkyrie Houston finished was the award winning post 2010 Apocalypse RPG After Armageddon. In march 2009  Valkyrie Philadelphia released a critically paned Arabian themed strategy rpg game called Caliphate. A second squeal to  Septerra Core called Kingdom Of Heaven the Dome of Paradise hit the shelves in febuary 2010. In may .2012 Valkyrie Houston released After Apocalypse 2.  A fourth kingdom of hevean game called the moons of Zorpta was released in march 2013. On decamber 17th Valkyrie Philadelphia releassed  Seraphim 3 Relvealtions. Valkyrie Chiago is currently working on Mystic force 2. Meanwhile Valkyrie Houston is working on an action rpg called mirinda serĉado

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