Due to the release of the PS4 and Xbone, I'm going to have to go back and adjust 2012 numbers. Also, the bevy of holiday releases makes this a complicated month. Therefore, the following numbers are even more guesswork than usual. At least at the time of this writing.


  • Stream - 5.3 million
  • Eclipse - 5.1 million
  • Revolution - 3.3 million
  • Pluto - 4.1 million
  • Game Boy 3DS - 11.8 million
  • Game Boy Nitro - 1.0 million


  1. Pokemon X/Y - 7.6 million
  2. Animal Crossing: New Leaf - 3.3 million
  3. Grand Theft Auto 5 - 3.3 million
  4. Monster Hunter 4 - 2.9 million
  5. Tomb Raider - 2.9 million
  6. Assassin's Creed: Black Flag - 2.7 million
  7. New Super Mario World - 2.1 million
  8. Batman: Arkham Origins - 2.0 million
  9. FIFA 14 - 1.9 million
  10. Call of Duty: Ghosts - 1.8 million
  11. New Super Mario Bros 2 - 1.7 million
  12. Friends Collection: New Life - 1.5 million
  13. Skylanders: Swap Force - 1.5 million
  14. Killer Instinct 3 - 1.4 million
  15. Mario Kart 3D - 1.3 million
  16. The Last of Us - 1.3 million
  17. Dragon Quest 7 - 1.2 million
  18. NBA 2K14 - 1.1 million
  19. Metal Gear Rising - 1.0 million
  20. Super Mario 3D Bros. - 1.0 million


  • Due to the recent disappointment of Mario Party sales IRL, it is no longer a best-seller, even with its launching in March. Also note that these are fairly close to total numbers for the year, with the biggest changes likely to occur being the emergence of a few more late releases and games like 3D Bros rising further up.
  • I have little idea what to think of the abysmal sales reception of Sonic: Lost World for the Wii U in real life. Even with the greater 3DS sales added in, Lost World hasn't reached a quarter million yet. I guess I'll apply the same formula I did to Sonic 06 on the Pluto.
  • In general, Sega's Eclipse has only done as well as it has thanks to exclusivity of a couple of 3rd party games and being slightly more powerful at the same cost as the Stream. Other than NBA 2K14, Sega doesn't actually have a first party hit for the Eclipse yet, whereas Nintendo has a couple of Mario platformers, New... World and 3D Bros, in addition to Killer Instinct 3. So far though, the biggest hits are multiplatform games like GTA, CoD, TR, B:AO, and AC:BF.

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