It may be a bit early, but I like thinking about this sort of thing. Anyhow, here are some possible sales figures for early 2014.


  • Game Boy 3DS - 1,000,000 units
  • Stream - 690,000 units
  • Eclipse - 690,000 units
  • Pluto - 350,000 units
  • Revolution - 290,000 units
  • Game Boy Nitro - 73,000 units

Note that at this point, the 8th gen consoles combined are performing somewhere between real life's PS4 alone and all three 8th gen consoles combined. This is likely to change as the PS4 launches in Japan, as the PS4 looks likely to dominate real life sales.

I tried something new with Game Boy 3DS sales, basing them off of not only 3DS but also Vita numbers. This helped the Game Boy 3DS, since the Vita has been doing better than usual so far in 2014.

The Pluto and Revolution are based on 7th gen console sales, and are thus collapsing quickly. They should be minimal in a year from now. However, due to Gen 7's unprecedented scale in Ohga Shrugs, I feel that these consoles still selling in early 2014 is reasonable.


It's simply too early to guess at software sales, not to mention that not many games have been out for long so far this year. However, a few thoughts:

  • Unlike OTL's Wii U, the Stream and Eclipse each should have a well-off lineup for February, though not January. However, much of the momentum is being carried by last year's games, including Grand Theft Auto 5, which will sell proportionately better over time in Ohga Shrugs,
  • The Game Boy 3DS, between Kirby and Dragon Quest, should be doing well in Japan, but have a bit of a drought elsewhere.

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