I've been enjoying playing with imaginary sales figures lately, so here's some more that don't fit on any page yet.

Best Selling Games of the First Half of 2013

  1. Animal Crossing: New Leaf - 2.0 million (Game Boy 3DS)
  2. Tomb Raider - 1.8 million (Revolution, Stream, Pluto, Eclipse)
  3. Friend Collection: New Life - 1.3 million (Game Boy 3DS)
  4. Dragon Quest 7 - 1.2 million (Game Boy 3DS)
  5. New Super Mario Bros. 2 - 1.2 million (Game Boy 3DS)
  6. Mario Party 3D - 1.2 million (Game Boy 3DS)
  7. Assassin's Creed 3 - 1.1 million (Revolution, Stream, Pluto, Eclipse)
  8. Metal Gear Rising - 0.9 million (Pluto, Eclipse)
  9. New Super Mario World - 0.9 million (Stream)
  10. Mario Kart 3D - 0.8 million (Game Boy 3DS)
  11. Rayman Legends - 0.8 million (Stream, Eclipse)
  12. DmC - 0.8 million (Revolution, Stream, Pluto, Eclipse)
  13. NBA 2K13 - 0.7 million (Pluto)
  14. Killer Instinct 3 - 0.7 million (Stream)

Note that Stream Fitness, like OTL's Wii Fit U, has been delayed to later in the year.

As for hardware sales:

  • Stream - 3.6 million
  • Eclipse - 4.1 million
  • Game Boy 3DS - 4.8 million
  • Revolution - 2.1 million
  • Pluto - 1.6 million
  • Game Boy Nitro - 0.5 million

Total Hardware Sales in Q1 and Q2: About 19 million, about the same as in OTL.

The Stream and Eclipse both get a decent launch lineup, but just as importantly receive major games, both multiplatform and exclusive, as 2013 rolls through. They are also helped by their fairly low launch prices and backwards compatibility.

The Game Boy 3DS is the leader, but by a surprisingly narrow margin despite many big games. This is due in part to many of these games either being one region only (Friends Collection and Dragon Quest) or being late releases worldwide (Animal Crossing). The only true great international release of 2013 thus far for the platform is Mario Party 3D.

The Revolution and Pluto are quickly being phased out, thanks to the fairly low prices of their successors and their backwards compatibility, but remain a potent force into 2013. They will only get more powerful as the year rolls on, and Nintendo and Sega do their best to bundle and sell off as many units of cheap hardware as possible.

The Game Boy Nitro is dying quickly in comparison, with no major releases for over a year now.

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