I was browsing Wikia when I saw a section about how to create a Wiki in a few easy steps. I was curious about the process, so I clicked an icon or two.

And before I knew what was going on...

Now what? Should I leave that Main Page blank forever, as a testament to my accidental process? Should I use that wiki as a sort of "back-up" of my timeline, thus giving Ohga Shrugs a second home? Should I permanently move base there, using my "Founder" powers to exercise greater control over the creative process?

I've enjoyed working with everybody on this wiki, but even I have to admit, I've mostly been interested in my own singe project, and I've put in a majority of the work in Ohga Shrugs. If you guys would rather not have game-related images and articles clogging up a wiki devoted to the more political, economic, and military aspects of humanity, I can understand.

So, consider me puzzled. I've enjoyed working on Ohga Shrugs here, and like you guys, but also see the pros of making an independent wiki where I didn't have to type (Ohga Shrugs) at the end of every article name.

Sorry for the rambling. Any thoughts?

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