This Blog will be where I do some sandboxing for the events of E3 2014 in Ohga Shrugs. Today, I'll be doing a preliminary guess at what Nintendo, Sega, and others would show off, and will make changes based on next week's events IRL.


  • The focus is on big games for the Stream and Game Boy 3DS
  • Stream Games include Zelda, Animal Crossing 5, Super Smash Bros 4, Fire Emblem, Mario Party 10, and Yarn Yoshi.
  • Game Boy 3DS Games include Pokemon G3 remakes, Super Smash Bros 3D, F-Zero 3D, WarioWare 3D and Ocarina of Time 3D.
  • Quality of Life technology is also mentioned, to be elaborated upon later
  • Conclusion: Nintendo has a solid lineup for both of their systems, and is not going anywhere.


  • Split between software and services
  • Big games for the Eclipse include Sonic Boom, Bayonetta 2, Sonic Chronicles 2, Yakuza Ishin for the West, and a couple of 2K titles.
  • Time is also spent showing off third party games "Better on Eclipse"
  • The big surprise is "Blast Delivery," aka instant streaming of games
  • For roughly $15 a month in most corners of the world, players can instantly download and play any of a number of games, similar to Netflix.
  • Day One includes 20 Genesis games by Sega, a few Master system games, various smaller or older downloadable titles, etc.
  • Basically, if it's under 20 MB, it's fair game for Blast Delivery
  • Service starts immediately!
  • Conclusion: Sega is a bit weak in 1st party games, but is making up for it with, ironically, retro streaming services


  • Making a "Steam Machine" series of consoles.
  • Collaboration with NEC and SNK
  • Uses Linux-based Customized Steam OS
  • Emphasis on being able to upgrade machines
  • Variety of skus, with different specs, but all at least on par with Stream/Eclipse
  • Strongest Steam Machines are monsters, as shown by demos of upcoming multiplats
  • Same account system as for vanilla Steam, meaning instant library of games
  • Certain games come bundled, such as Portal, Half-Life 2, and a new King of Fighters
  • Coming sometime in 2015, like IRL's Steam Machines
  • Conclusion: This trio means business, and can be a force to be reckoned with come 2015, but too little is still known

Other Headlines

  • Activision focuses on Destiny and Skylanders, and announces that they're forming a new studio to work on Call of Duty games. The series ought to become annual by 2015 or so.
  • ANS shows Persona 5, Etrian Odyssey 5, Tales of Something or Another, and Ace Combat, showing that this new combo of developers means business.
  • Bandai has X
  • Bethesda announces Fallout 4 will also appear on 8th gen consoles
  • Capcom shows the first footage of Resident Evil 7, Mega Man games, and possibly Street Fighter 5.
  • Electronic Arts does their sports games, but has fairly little to offer the console crowd.
  • Enix teases Dragon Quest 11, but focuses more on a couple of smaller handheld games
  • Koei announces a Warriors crossover game
  • Konami shows MGS5 and a new Castlevania developed by Wayforward
  • Square announces a Final Fantasy 15 release date and shows Kingdom Hearts 3 for the first time.
  • Tecmo is oddly quiet
  • THQ shows off their new Mortal Kombat
  • Ubisoft shows off Assassin's Creed, Tom Clancy games, The Crew, etc.
  • Universal has Uncharted and Sunset Overdrive coming in 2014.


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