• Capcom could go under, much like it may in real life, in which case it would either have its components and franchises picked apart by other companies, or be acquired by a larger company. Enix once again is a possibility, but what about a major non-gaming company looking to diversify. Like, I dunno... Sony?
  • Konami, pleased with their success with the Metal Gear franchise, including Metal Gear Solid: Special Ops, decides to make a movie based on the series, similar to how Squaresoft made a Final Fantasy movie in real life. Depending on the success of the movie, it could either lead to a great video game prescence in Hollywood, end right there, or even hurt Konami much like it hurt Square. If Konami were to lose a lot of money, Enix might acquire them. This would take place over years, but having MGS and Dragon Quest under the same roof would be an interesting development. That said, its not very likely; Konami would have more cinematic experience than OTL Square, is a bigger company than Square was circa 2002, and even assets from the games could be kept at maximum resolution and whatnot to make a CGI movie on a lower than usual budget.
  • Nintendo could acquire or affiliate with a studio to make Mario Sports games.
  • Ready at Dawn could become a Nintendo 2nd party if Mario: Bowser City is a hit for both companies. This could lead to them making similar projects for the Stream that they are making for the PS4 IRL.

Add suggestions, and I'll post them as part of the list!

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