Predecessor Wolfteam
Headquarters Shinagawa Ku Oi,Tokyo, Japan
Industry Video Game Developer

tri-Ace, Inc.  is a Japanese video game development company formed in March 1995 by former Telenet Japan's Wolfteam  employees Yoshiharu Gotanda (programmer,President), Masaki Norimoto (game designer) and Joe Asanuma (director). The name is a play on words regarding the "three aces" who formed the company. Most of tri-Ace's games have been published by Enix.


The Company was founded when employes sick of Namco meddilng and editorial changes to Yoshiharu Gotanda written and programmed, Norimoto Illustrated and Asanuma directed Tale Phantasia(released as Tales of Phantasia) abadoned the project and make and deal with  the other interested publisher, Enix, of making an action-rpg who would push the SNES to his limits, their product, the Star Trek inspired RPG Star Ocean was a hit, even released so late in SNES life.

During the End of N64 life, part of the Musical and Sound Division under Hiroya Hatsushiba formed tri-Crescendo, who still work as Sound and Musical programmer alongside co-developming titles alongside tri-Ace

They continued their relationship with Enix up to early revolution life, when Enix outsourcing and lack of interest with their franchise make them going independant and work with all developers, like SEGA for RPG like Infinity Discover and their first selfpublished title Resonance of Fate, and working as outsourcing development for Square, Enix's Level-5, Konami and others.

They're working in their second selfpublished title with old members and all time collaborator tri-Cresendo and Working Desings for a new console RPG, Journey into the Lost World, hope to be ready for 2015.

List of GamesEdit

Super NintendoEdit

Star Ocean 1996

Nintendo 64Edit

Star Ocean: The Second Story  1999

Valkyrie Profile  2000

Game Boy AdvanceEdit

Star Ocean The Blue Sphere 2002

Nintendo GamecubeEdit

Star Ocean Till the End of time 2003

Radiata Stories 2005

Valkyrie Profile 2:Silmeria: 2006 

Gameboy NitroEdit

Star Ocean: First Departure 2007(with Tose)

Star Ocean: The Second Story  2009 (with Tose)

Valkyrie Profile:Lenette 2006  (with Tose)  


  • Star Ocean: The Last Hope 2009 
  • Resonance of Fate 2010
  • Final Fantasy XIII-2  2011 (With Square)
  • Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII  2013 (With Square)



  • Infinite Undiscovery 2008
  • Resonance of Fate 2010
  • Final Fantasy XIII-2  2011 (With Square)
  • Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII  2013 (With Square)

Gameboy 3DSEdit

  • Beyond the Labyrinth  2012
  • Frontier Gate  2013
  • Little Battlers eXperience W  2012 (With Level-5)
  • Star Ocean 3D 2015


  • Phantasy Star Nova
  • Journey: Into The Lost World (coming 2015)


  • Journey: Into The Lost World (coming 2015)
  • Star Ocean : Integrity and Faithlessness  2015

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