The Super Fighter Team is  a San Diego, California based  video publisher. They specialize in releasing video game for old consoles from the 90's. They mainly   publish translated versions of of Taiwaness games for the Genesis.


The Super Fighter was founded Brandon Cobb. He  was a fan of a Taiwaness  fighter game Super Fighter and made a Fan site. After translating his  website into chiness he was contacted by CnE Inc the makers of Super Fighter. They were pleased with Brandon's support of Super Fighter gave him the American rights to Super Fighter. After publish  Super Fighter they published Beggar Prince an English version of the Taiwanese game  Xīn Qǐgài Mengzi. Their next project were  Sango Fighter  and Wukong legend. In 2011 they translated Tai Kong Zhan Shi as Brave Battle Saga,In 2013 they publishe Nightmare Busters. They also released  a compilation of the Tiawaniness Rpgs they previously published called RPG Triffeic Pack. In 2014 super fighter released the  Story of 'Arthur aka Ya-Se Chuan Shuo:  and magic girl


The super fighter team is primary a publisher. However they have a small team of programmers to remove botlegged  elements  out of the  unlicssened foreing games they publish

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