Sucker Punch Productions
Former type Videogame Developers, Subsidiary
Headquarters Bellevue, Washington, United States

Sucker Punch Productions is an american video game production company founded in 1997 and headquartered in Bellevue Washington.It was an independent company until it was  acquired by Ubisoft on August 2, 2011. 


Sucker Punch was created in 1997 as part of a group of microsoft to focus in videogame, Because of  problem with the company, they quickly become independant. Their first  game was Rocket Robot on  first game on a console to use a realistic physics engine   to drive the gameplay.After  creating Rocket, Sucker Punch created the Sly Cooper Seris for Ubisoft. Once they finshed making Sly 3 Honnor Among Thevies,Sucker Punch decided  to take a break from  the Cooper series. During this peroid Sucker Punch created the Infamous games for Universal.Theyassisted Ubisoft Montreal  on Watchdogs. .Ubisoft bought out Sucker Punch in 2011.Sucker Punch started work on Sly 4 The Greatst Theive of All Time  in 2011. Sucker Punch has since fhinshed Sly 4 and is now working on Rocket 2

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