Rosseta Games is an american video game publisher that specializes in translating old Japaneses video and releasing then on digital download services, like Nintendo's Virtual Console and Sega's SegaNet Bazzar. It was founed in 2006 by former employees of Working desgins who wanted to focus more in legacy software and old never seen before classic.


The Company Started in 2006  when both Nintendo and Sega make Plans of releasing legacy software via digital download services, as Nintendo was the better organized they managed to got Licenses for NES and SNES games, alongside plans for Helping to Release Turbografx-16/PC-Engine Never localize before games.

Later they

Rosetta worked as a translation outsorcing company, with work contrats with Companies Such as Nintendo,Sega,Hudson Soft, Square, Enix, Konami among others and respected for their pretty good translation jobs and support for Localization of Legacy Software.


Virtual ConsoleEdit

Albert Oddysey

Bahamut Lagoon

Beasts of Mana (Seiken Densetsu 3)

Cyber Knight

Cyber Knight 2

Dark Kingdom

Duel Orb

Emerald Dragon (Super Nintendo Version)

Esper Dreams

Esper Dreams 2

Due; Orb

Gunple: Gunman's Proof

Holly Umbrella

Samuria Pizzia Cats The video game

Mystic Ark

Treasure Hunter G

Chaos World

Sega Net BazzarEdit

Surging Aura

Rent A Hero

Star Oddessy


..Atelier Marie

Ancient Magic,

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