Profound Requiem is an rpg game made by Tricrescendo. It follows Richard Wagner as he takes deathbed dream journey that teach him to regret the racist views he held during his life.


The game begins with an Ayrbrew  girl named Aria  from village of Polka in the land of Opera,  leaving her house to go hunt for mushrooms in the  nearby woods. She runs into her friend Tenuto who stop her so he can tell  his concrens about the way that the goverment of the nearby land of Stanza is treating their Arybrew citizens. Tenuto then accompanies Aria to look for mushrooms.  While in the woods Aria and Tentu save a fainted man  from a Bear. They the man to Aira's house so he can recover. When the man awakens he talks about how shocked he is to see a young face in the mirror because he is an old man on his deathbed. He then introduces him  self as Richard  Wagner.

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The games storyline has been critiized for exaggerating  Wagner's racism and antisemitism. However, the games the cinematic history lessons have done a good job at educating people about other aspects of Wagner life.

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