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Pokemon is a long-running anime series by Nintendo. It is an adaptation of the video game series of the same name. With over 800 episodes and 16 movies as of June 2014, Pokemon is by far the longest running video game-related television show of all time, not to mention one of the most successful anime of any type ever created.

History Edit

Soon after the release of the Pokemon games in early 1996, Nintendo began a partnership with OLM Incorporated to create an animated adaptation of the games. Originally, the series was envisioned as a relatively dark and action-packed series with a number of shorter storylines. However, this vision was saved for the Pokemon Adventures manga, with the focus instead being made on short slice of life episodes featuring a goofy hero and antagonists.

The first episode of Pokemon was aired on April Fools' Day, 1997. However, it would not be shown outside of Japan until the fall of next year, closer to the games' release dates. Since then, the show has been continuously aired, interrupted only by the occasional hiatus between seasons.

Pokemon Porygon episode

The infamous "Porygon" episode.

A majority of Pokemon episodes and movies have been released in the West. However, a few controversial episodes have either been altered or removed from circulation. These include the infamous Porygon episode, which was rumored to cause seizures.

Pokemon was a key part of the 2004 animation block Nintendomination. Three components of the show were used: The "Advanced Generation" series that first aired in America in late 2003; the "Classic" series that consisted of all prior seasons; and the "Chronicles" series, which was a compilation of various specials and episodes aired independently in Japan. At one point in Nintendomination's history, the three components each had one of the half-hour segments available, dominating the block. On Fridays, when movies were shown during the block, one of the many Pokemon movies would often be shown.