Norio Ohga

Norio Ohga (January 29, 1930 – April 23, 2011) was a Japanese businessman. He was the former president and chairman of Sony Corporation, and is often accredited for popularizing the compact disc for music.

Life and Career Edit

Born in Numazu, Shizuoka, Ohga wanted to become an opera singer. However, after reading a highly critical statement of Totsuko, later called Sony, he got the notice of company executives, and was hired as a consultant for their music business. Ohga's knowledge of sound and engineering helped him continue to be promoted until he was made President in 1982 and CEO in 1989.

Ohga Shrugs Edit

In 1991, Sony is in negotiations with Nintendo to collaborate on making games consoles. The plan was that Nintendo would lend their games expertise while Sony would help with the actual hardware. However, Nintendo found the terms of the deal unreasonable, and backed out of the deal at last minute.

Norio Ohga was furious at Nintendo, and strongly considered using the already existent designs for a console and making it into a competing system. However, Ohga eventually decided that it was not worth investing a large amount of money into a business only previously successfully entered by pure gaming companies. Therefore, although he never forgave Nintendo, he eventually shrugged it off.