Mario Basketball

Mario Sports games are a small, loosely defined series of various sports games starring the Nintendo mascot.

History Edit

During the NES-era, Mario had a few sports games, most notably two Golf games titled simply Golf and NES Open Tournament Golf. Since then, however, sports games starring Mario have been far rarer than those starring his rival mascot, Sonic. However, a few have been released, including 2009's Mario Hoops from Hudson Soft, and the more diverse 2010 game Mario Sports Mix from Enix. Most recently, a sequel to Mario Hoops named Mario Mega Hoops was announced for the Stream, due for a Summer 2014 release.

Why Mario Sports Games are Not Common Edit

Compared to Sega, Nintendo has a significantly lesser emphasis on sports games, with none of their dedicated studios making any on a regular basis, with the exception of racing games. Since companies such as Electronic Arts and Konami are willing to port their sports titles, including FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer, to Nintendo's recent consoles, there has not been a major lack of sports games on Nintendo systems in recent years. That said, Nintendo has acknowledged that Sonic's various sports games have been quote popular, suggesting that they are not unaware of the disparity.

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