Grand Theft Auto is a series of computer games by Rockstar Games. The games place the player in the position of a criminal in an open world environment based on real-life modern cities such as London, New York, and Los Angeles.

History Edit

Grand Theft Auto 1

The original Grand Theft Auto was a 2D game released for personal computers in 1997 and the Sega Saturn in 1998. It had two expansion packs and a sequel two years later, in 1999, released only on computers. The series truly took off, however, with the third iteration released in late 2001. This PC exclusive revolutionized its genre by introducing a fully 3D city to roam around in. 2002's Vice City, which used the same engine, would be ported to the GameCube, though 2004's San Andreas wasn't due to the limited size of GameCube discs.

Granf Theft Auto 5

In 2008, the fourth main chapter of the series was released exclusively on the PC. It was the most popular iteration of the series yet, garnering many millions of sales. Other than expansion packs, the series would not reemerge until 2013's V, which Sega and Nintendo helped fund ports for.

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