Castlevania: Dracula Battles is a 2009 entry in the Castlevania series for the Pluto and Revolution. Unlike other entries in the series, it is a 3D fighting game, pitting characters from throughout the series against each other.

Characters Edit

Characters from various Castlevania games are used in Dracula Battles. In total, the game has 20 playable characters, including traditional antagonistic characters like Death and Dracula himself. Characters are divided into one of a few categories based on their fighting style. Chaos also appears as the Final Boss of the Story mode, but is not playable.

List Edit

Name Category
Alucard Hybrid
Death Melee
Dracula Mage
Eric Lecarde Melee
Golem Melee
Grant Danasty Melee
Leon Belmont Vampire Killer
Maria Renard Mage
Nathan Graves Hybrid
Richter Belmont Vampire Killer
Shanoa Mage
Simon Belmont Vampire Killer
Soma Cruz Hybrid
Sypha Belnades Mage
Trevor Belmont Vampire Killer
Victor Belmont Vampire Killer

Development Edit

At one point in development, the artist of Death Note, Takeshi Obata, was considered for designing the game's characters. However, executives at Konami rejected the early artwork shown, saying that it conflicted with the image of the series.

Reception Edit

Typical reviews of approximately 7 or 8 out of 10.

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