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Early LifeEdit

Fargo developed an intrest in video game programing after  getting an apple 2 for his brithday. His first project was demon's Forge,

Carrer at InterplayEdit

Fargo found Interplau i 1983.Early hits included Barbs tale and  Wastland. Interplay expand into publishing in 1988 with BattleChess . later interplay hits  include the fallout series, Planet spacetorment dessecent, Balder's gate and Icewind dale. In 1996 fargo stared a flied attmept to brake in the home console market.  In 2000 Fargo was forced to resing by Interplay stock holder over a magnment disuite.

Inexile EntertainmentEdit

Fargo  founded inexile enterment in 2001. Their first project was a modestly succesfull remake of  barbs tale. In 2010 they fhish the minor bomb Heist. Their next 2 games Hunted Demons Forge and Chopper lifft did a little better better but weren't super succesfull. In 12 Inexile tried to relaunch the  wasteland series but thier kickster cmapgin raised 80% of what thye.His next kickstaterproject Torment Tides of Numeria reach it with only an hour to Spare. Tides of Numeria is shcelude to be relased in novomer of 2014

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